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Your First Home

Looking to purchase your first home? Click here to request a complimentary copy of Your First Home: The Proven Path to Home Ownership.

If you are looking for a way to purchase a home without spending your entire nest egg on the deposit, then you should see if you qualify for the HUD $100 Down Program.  This program is a great way to purchase a home at a reasonable price.  

Here are a few facts about this program:

You must use FHA financing for the purchase of an insured home.  

Estimated home repairs cannot exceed $5,000.

The property must be used as the primary residence.

Earnest money deposit is required.  Amount of earnest money = $500 or $1,000.

HUD will pay 
appraisal fee, termite inspection fee and 3% of closing costs,.

If home has a repair escrow:
-Buyers must qualify for purchase price+repair escrow.
-Repairs start AFTER
-HUD determines repairs.
-Buyer choses repairman/contractor
-Repair escrow funds are sent AFTER repairs have been completed and pass final inspection.

The process of finding a home and determining if you are eligible for this program can be confusing.   Let us help! Contact Your Way Home Team to find the  HUD home of your dreams and to see if you qualify for the HUD $100 Down Program.